For decades, Myrtle Beach Residents have relied on our experience and expertise in asphalt maintenance. Our Myrtle Beach friends know us to be an honest company that will only recommend the services they truly need. We have a reputation for doing the job right and on budget.


As a full service asphalt and concrete installation and maintenance company, Myrtle Pavement Specialist has the staff and equipment to offer a complete line of services, including: asphalt patching and repair, seal coating, crack sealing, concrete maintenance, catch basin adjustment and pavement marking, asphalt removal and replacement, resurfacing, catch basin installation and concrete repair and restoration.


Not only that, we promise to do a better job than any other paving contractors in the South Carolina market. We're not saying they're bad, were just saying we're better.The reason for this is simple. We are truly passionate about customer satisfaction. This means when you contract with us, the job isn’t done until you are satisfied. If we make a mistake, we will make it right. We believe that this will keep customers around for a long time. To put it as simply as possible: "WE CARE."Every day at Myrtle Pavement Specialist our entire team strives to provide our customers with the best service, workmanship and materials that our industry has to offer. We aim to give our customers real value on each project that we take on. That means no shortcuts and no shorting the job.


Myrtle Pavement Specialist not only offers high quality asphalt paving and maintenance, but we offer the same great quality in our concrete paving and repair division. Our concrete repairs include everything you would find in your typical parking lot, such as concrete curb and gutters, sidewalks, driveways, slabs and ADA handicap ramps. If you're looking to replace your existing asphalt parking lot with a concrete one, we can help with that as well.

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Myrtle Pavement Specialist provides a wide range of asphalt services. We start by meeting you onsite to go over your paving project, and then we prepare a detailed estimate with several options of how to address your paving concerns. We use modern equipment and the latest techniques for installing asphalt. From a pot hole patch to a new construction parking lot, we have the expertise and equipment for all your paving needs.

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Crushed Stone, Sand & Gravel Site Contracting Excavating Services Crushed Stone Sand Gravel Road Highway Paving Myrtle Pavement Specialist is delivers and maintains the highest quality crushed stone, sand and gravel.Our aggregate products are used in many differing construction projects; from commercial applications including: roads, highways, buildings and bridges to residential applications including: driveways, pathways, shed and patio foundations and dedicated to ensuring that our construction aggregates adhere to the highest quality and performance standards.

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With over 25 years of experience, Myrtle Pavement Specialist has worked on various type of projects and is very familiar with many sections of the industry throughout multiple states, including, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. We work on all residential and commercial projects, including but not limited to:Retail,Medical,Warehouse/Distribution, Fast Food, Hospitality, Hotels, Municipal Airports, Banks, Park Trails, Home Owners Associations, Grocery Stores, Shopping Centers, Car Dealerships, Places of Worship, And many more.


Our machines are built with a quality-first mentality. We never cut corners on engineering or materials. We take pride in building the most reliable pavement maintenance machines in the world. Their performance speaks for itself. Our teams can help you with any asphalt surfacing problem. Let our specialists help you develop a plan that will protect your pavement investment and save you money down the road. Contact us for a free estimate.


 At Myrtle Pavement Specialist, we offer  parking lot striping and maintenance services. The layout and striping of parking lots for new projects as well as the re-striping of existing lots is vital for an organized and aesthetically pleasing property. When your parking lot is well-marked, it helps your customers to know exactly where to stop, walk, and park. This promotes safety and convenience, so they can easily identify where to park. That's our specialty, our team can offer you our striping and re-striping services for: Parking lots,Parking decks, Parking garages,Warehouses, New construction+ New layout.  

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 At Myrtle Pavement Specialist we take pride in our ability to make your project go very smoothly; we make the process stress-free from start to finish. If needed, we can notify your tenants ahead of time, as well as post or provide diagrams showing scheduled areas of work. Once your project has begun, work areas will be barricaded off with string and flagging tape for maximum visibility. Your parking lot is vigorously cleaned using high powered blowers and wire brushes and brooms. All oil spots are scraped and then burned off before seal coat is applied. Once our crews completed your project, we will clean any mess made by our crews during the process. All that your tenants will see is a freshly sealed and striped parking lot when they come to work the next day.

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Pavement cracks need to be filled and/or sealed to prevent water from entering sub-grade layers. Special rubberized materials are applied to the cracks, which seals the pavement and helps to prolong its life. Pavements experience different types of cracking, which require different types of crack filling & sealing materials and methods.  We can provide you with quality crack filling & sealing work. We assist you with a long-term pavement maintenance plan that will extend the life of your pavement and save you money. Properly designed and installed crack seals can last between 2 and 4 years, helping to increase pavement life.

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Our goal is to increase the value of your asphalt investment at every turn with customized paving, maintenance and repair programs that are right for you. Clients count on us to educate them, guide them and deliver the right solution, and we take that trust seriously. These clients include commercial and multi-family properties, large industrial complexes, town home association properties, other large asphalt paving contractors, and city, state, and federal municipalities.

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